Fall Level IV Screening

Parents and teachers interested in referring students for the fall level IV screening must submit a level IV referral form to the school’s Advanced Academic Resource Teacher (AART) by October 15, 2023. Fall 2023 screening is only available to students newly enrolled in FCPS after January 1, 2023 who were not screened in Spring 2023.

If a parent feels that the ability test on file does not reflect the student’s current abilities, they may request a one-time retest. Please check with your school testing coordinator to be sure a student did not already have a retest in elementary school.  Requests for retest must be made to the AART, school testing coordinator, or school administrator before the Oct 3-21 (2023) testing window in order to allow the school testing coordinator time to order tests from the Office of Assessment and Reporting. It is important that parents know that tests are not weighted in AAP screening and no test is required for Honors courses.  

For information pertaining to the Spring 2024 screening process, testing and identification timeline or identification and placement, please contact Corey Thornblad at @email.