Level IV Spring Screening

AAP services in middle school include honors courses, which are open enrollment, and full-time AAP services (level IV), which are reviewed for eligibility through a central screening process.

Parents or teachers who wish to refer a student for consideration for full-time AAP (level IV) in the upcoming spring full-time screening cycle may submit a level IV referral form to the school’s Advanced Academic Resource Teacher (AART) from the first day of school through December 15, 2022. Referrals will not be accepted past December 15.  At the middle school level, screening for full-time (level IV) is only available through grade 7 as there are not full-time (level IV) services after grade 8. Beginning in high school, all advanced academic coursework is open enrollment. 

For information pertaining to the Spring 2023 screening process, testing and identification timeline or identification and placement, please contact Corey Thornblad at @email.