Middle School Grading Policy Changes

As shared in an email from the Superintendent's Office, FCPS has adopted a series of secondary grading policy changes to help our students achieve a strong finish to the school year. 

FCPS is adjusting the grading policy for the 2020-2021 school year, to ensure students are not penalized by the challenges brought on by pandemic learning. 

Key policy changes for middle school students are listed below: 

  • Students receiving a final mark of "D" or "D+" in any course will be assigned a mark of "P" (pass) as a final mark. This will be automatically applied for any course in which a student receives a "D" or "D+" as a final mark.
  • Use of No Mark, "NM," instead of "F" grades for final marks for all courses. This will automatically be applied for any course in which a student receives an "F" as a final mark. 
  • Allowing middle school students to select a mark of "P" (pass) for any courses for which a passing grade is earned for the final mark. 
    • Action Needed: Should you wish to designate one or more courses as Pass status for anticipated grades of "A" through "C-," the Pass-No Mark status form must be submitted to your school counselor/Student Services by May 10, 2021.

Third quarter report cards and the Pass-No Mark Status form will be available in ParentVue and mailed to all families this week. Students and families are encouraged to carefully consider the option for Pass. Please contact your student's school counselor with questions if needed. 

Additional information, including considerations and frequently asked questions are available on the FCPS Secondary Grading and Reporting page.