Shifting Gears

March 01, 2019

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What exactly is Shifting Gears? • Shifting Gears is a week-long transition camp for rising 7th graders. Some things your student will experience include making new friends from different schools, learning how to effectively work in a group with other students from diverse backgrounds, become proficient at their locker, understand middle school expectations, and be exposed to a sample of core classes.

Will lunch be provided? • No, lunch is not provided. Students will need to bring a packed lunch every day. We will have an ice cream social on Monday, which parents will be invited to attend.

What impact has Shifting Gears had on students coming to Kilmer? • Shifting Gears has had a positive impact on both students and staff! Here’s what our students are saying: - “I was so glad to learn about the PAWS class. I didn’t know what that was about. I also liked that I got to meet some of the teachers before school started!” - “We had so much fun! I liked that we were able to talk about our 'fears' and 'cheers' of middle school. I was glad to see I wasn’t the only one who was nervous about certain things…like changing for PE!” - “I am so thankful I learned how to work my locker! And I am really glad I learned how the lunches and PAWS work.” - “The end of week competition was amazing! At the beginning of the week, our team didn’t really know each other. By the end of the week, we were all working hard together and cheering each other on. We even exchanged numbers and kept in touch over the summer before school started!”