Enrichment at Kilmer

2nd and 3rd Quarter PAWS Extension


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What is Enrichment?

Enrichment takes place every 2nd and 3rd quarter on Mondays and Tuesdays during PAWS. It includes: 

  • Engaging activities for all students
  • Enjoyable and challenging learning experiences
  • Selected to meet students' interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression 

Benefits of Enrichment 

  • Gives students choice to select an activity that meets their personal interests
  • Enhances the classroom learning environment
  • Opportunity to build new relationships with a teacher and students who have the same interest

Highlights of previous Enrichment opportunities

What Activities are Available for Enrichment?

A list of activities with descriptions has been created by teachers. Parents and students can access the list using the grade specific buttons below. 

How do students choose? 

After looking at the list, students will use the Google Form at the top of this page to rank their top 5 choices. The form must be in by 3pm, January 23 to guarantee a spot in one of those top 5 choices. 

Students can sign up anytime before the deadline, but they will also have time in their PAWS class to sign up on Tuesday, January 22. Students are encouraged to bring their phones to be able to access the form. There will be a limited number of school devices in each room as well. 

Winter Enrichment Challenge

For 3rd quarter, students were given the opportunity to create their own courses. To prove interest in the course, some students have already signed up for an enrichment. If you filled out a blue sheet, you must still fill out the Google form, but are committed to that enrichment already. Make sure you put it down as your first choice! You are guaranteed a spot in that activity. 


When will I find out my assigned Enrichment activity? 

Thursday, February 7 - Check SIS studentVUE for period 10

When will Enrichment begin?

Enrichment Kick-off is Monday, February 11!

Will I go the same Enrichment activity every Monday and Tuesday?

Yes, until the end of 3rd quarter.

Can I change my Enrichment activity if I don't get what I want?

Sorry...there are no guarantees that you will get your first choice and there are no schedule changes, so take your time, look over your options, and choose your top 5 wisely!