8th Grade Enrichment Options

Enrichment Activity


NJHS Service Learning Projects

This enrichment activity provides NJHS students the opportunity to meet with their service learning group to plan, begin to implement and revise their service learning project.

Positivity Project

The Positivity Project is a group of students who want to help make a difference in Kilmer and the community.  During the 3rd quarter we will be working on placing our 24 character traits in the halls in both Arabic and Spanish.  Students will be able to brainstorm ideas that embrace the 24 character traits that the Positivity Project believes in.  As part of our enrichment, students will have the opportunity to be Payton the Parrot and KC the Cougar. Questions? See Mrs. Riley


Do you play in the Kilmer Band or Orchestra?  Would you like to collaborate with your Band/Orchestra counterparts?  In this PAWS, band and orchestra students are welcome to play music alone, with one other person, or even two or three other friends.  Students can even count this time on their weekly practice journal! Students will choose from a variety of music and will not be required to practice or perform outside of PAWS.  As long as you have your instrument, you can be part of the BAND & ORCHESTRA MASH-UP!

Friendship Bracelet Making


Do you enjoy working with your hands? Have a lot of friends you want to show your appreciation for? Join the friendship bracelet making enrichment group. Learn how to make a variety of friendship bracelets and necklaces for your friends and family in their favorite colors. This group will allow you to de-stress while being creative.


Students will organize themselves into teams to play volleyball.

Silent Reading

Are you looking for a quiet place to read your favorite book or magazine? This is the enrichment activity is for you. Bring what you enjoy to read and relax during this time as you read for pleasure.

Rock Wall

We will have open climbing and various challenges on our Rock Wall. This will be for students that want an extra opportunity to climb.

Mindful Meditation

Explore ways to calm your mind, focus on being in the moment, and let go of stressful thoughts. Through journaling and meditative practices, we will take a reflective break.

Fandom Coloring

Take a break and relax by coloring scenes and characters from some of your favorite tv shows and cartoons.

Board Games

Come play board games with your friends.  Or, make your own new board game! If you enjoy playing board games or fantasy games, then you've found the right PAWS!  Come join us and work on your problem-solving skills.

Mural Art

Show off your painting and drawing skills by leaving your mark on the school walls.  Brainstorm, doodle, plan, submit for approval and then paint. Mural Art Enrichment will give students of all skill levels the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students to create a proposal for art that will go on the school walls.  After that we collaborate together to draw, outline, fill and shade in the mural on the wall.

Introduction to Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPGs.

Students will learn about beginning and advanced character development, covering attributes to skills, feats, and level progression, with emphasis on how to avoid meta-gaming.  Discussion of other common RPG topics will be included.

Embracing Culture and Difference through film

Gaining an understanding of other cultures benefits all of us by enlarging our view of how different people live and lived in the past. Using movies or films is a great way to learn more about the beauty of culture and cultural differences. We'll watch movies loved by students in our Intro to World Language class (or ones we were unable to see) that will help share out the joys and challenges of diversity in our own country and throughout the world. MOVIES ARE RATED PG. A parent permission slip WILL need to be signed BEFORE WE CAN WATCH.

Walking club

Did you know that just being outside every day for 10 min can lift your mood and energize you? Join us for a walk outside

Prezi Presentations

Prezi is the introduction of a better way to present assignments for any class online.

The Probability of Games of Chance

Any game which involves dice or cards involves probability and usually, more complex probability than that studied in your average math class.  In this enrichment class we will deeply explore the probability involved in board games, card games, as well as carnival games. In addition, the class will certainly play some cards to better understand how one could use an understanding of probability to be more successful at games of chance.

Kilmer Classic Rock Club

Wanna get turned on to some cool music?  Come join us as we trace the evolution of rock & roll - from the blues, through Chuck Berry and Elvis and the Beatles, all the way through the 70s and 80s and right up to today.  Best of all, we'll look at how it's all interconnected. You can read or do homework while you listen, and it's all in a very laid back atmosphere.


Join the Korean Wave! Check out K-Pop and K-Dramas and see why they're loved the world over (and dive into culture and language while you're at it!) Whether you're already a die-hard stan, or you just want to check out something new...join us in the K-Lounge.

Bullet Journaling

Learn a fun and artistic way to keep yourself organized, inspired, and creative.

Study Hall

This is a silent study hall for students who need extra time to work on assignments and/or study. No cell phones allowed.