Updates for Kilmer NJHS Students

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Important Information for NJHS Candidates - May 8, 2020

As we begin to finish the NJHS Service Learning year, we remind our candidates the necessary requirements to gain membership into the Kilmer Chapter of NJHS.

These details were part of the Candidate Form that was signed by candidates and parents/guardians in September 2019.

1. The candidate must be a member of the 8th grade class.

2. The candidate must have been in attendance at Kilmer Middle School since at least September 2019.

3. The candidate must hold a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.70, based on the final mark for 7th grade. Kilmer NJHS membership is incumbent on a cumulative 3.7 GPA (minimum) by the end of the third quarter of the 2019-2020 academic year.

4. The NJHS committee will review candidates’ standing. Students who do not promote scholarship, character, citizenship, leadership and service in the classroom and in their community will not be considered for membership.

5. Anyone applying for membership with an honor code violation within the 2019-2020 school year will not be considered for acceptance.

6. NJHS activities, assignments and service learning requirements will be posted in Google Classroom. NJHS assignments posted in Google Classroom must be completed by the deadline to earn NJHS membership.

7. A service learning project must be completed in groups or individually.

NJHS Service Learning Hours - Necessary Changes

--8 Hours Direct Service Learning and 7 Hours In-School Service Learning--

Direct Service

Due to the mandated social distancing, the ability to complete service learning hours with Community Partners was compromised. The Kilmer NJHS x2Vol site was closed when school closed on March 13. Therefore, candidates do not have the requirement of 8 hours of direct service learning in 2019-2020. Candidates are expected to complete their service learning with the hours of direct service that they provided. Verification in the NJHS x2Vol is not a requirement at this point.

Candidates who complete all Google Classroom assignments (by the due date for each) for the Five Stages of Service Learning will have completed their requirement of 7 in-school hours. Completing the assignments was supported with mandatory student meetings and mentor check-ins.

The following Google Classroom assignments are mandatory and must be completed by the due date.

Stage 1 (Part 3): Investigation due December 6

Stage 2: Planning due January 17

Stage 3: Action due March 6

Stage 4: Reflection due May 22

Stage 5: Demonstration due June 5


Completing the Kilmer NJHS Service Learning Continuum is a tremendous accomplishment for our Candidates. Thank you for your continued perseverance.

Questions should be directed to Mrs. Hild at ebhild@fcpsschools.net or ebhild@fcps.edu.