Grading & Reporting

Kilmer strictly adheres to FCPS Grading and Reporting Policies. Students and parents are encouraged to monitor student grades using the SIS StudentVUE and SIS ParentVUE accounts. These accounts are accessible via web browser or mobile app.
For more information, please visit the Student Information Systems page. 

Grading Philosophy

Kilmer Middle School’s grading philosophy is based on best practice and research. In middle school, students are at varying stages of development and readiness, and they are continuously learning. The purpose of grades is to provide information about a student’s academic progress and learning trends during the school year. Additionally, we support that academic grades must be separate from work habit grades. At Kilmer Middle School, we demonstrate this separation by providing students and parents with both academic grades and work habit grades.

Grading Principles

At Kilmer Middle School, teachers and administrators are dedicated to assessing student knowledge using clear and objective measures and communicating those measures to students and parents.

To this end, grades must:

  • Convey achievement of identified standards as outlined in the Fairfax County Program of Studies.
  • Be determined by achievement and not by behavior. 
  • Be based on high-quality evidence of student work.
  • Be calculated properly.
  • Support student learning.
  • Be clearly communicated to parents and students on an on-going basis.

Parents and students will have access to student grades via online ParentVUE and StudentVUE.

Grading Policy

Grades fall into categories, as specified by the grade-level department syllabus. Assignments that make up more than 10% of a student’s overall grade for the quarter will not be given a grade of less than 50%, if attempted. This includes summative assessments, unit tests, quizzes, and projects. A zero may be given for missing assignments.

Retake Policy

The goal of a retake policy is to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate learning that was not indicated by the initial assessment. In order for a retake to be provided, students are expected to complete all review materials related to the course content. Additionally, students need to demonstrate that they have done the necessary preparation to be successful on a retake. The teacher will determine the type of preparation needed which may include content reviews during or after the school day, test corrections, etc.

  • Students earning a grade less than 80% on major assignments are given the opportunity to retake the assignment within two weeks. One retake will be allowed per eligible assignment.
  • Students are NOT permitted to retake finals, PALS, concerts, and other similar major assignments as specified in the grade-level department syllabus.
  • The maximum grade possible on a retake will be stated in the grade-level department syllabus.

Work Completion Policy

We expect students at Kilmer Middle School to complete 100% of their work 100% of the time. Teachers expect students to complete and turn in assignments even if they are late. Kilmer Middle School is committed to student success.

  • Kilmer offers a variety of interventions and remedial support to assist students during and after the school day if needed.
  • Missing assignments will be recorded in the teacher’s grade book as M (missing), which calculates as a zero into the overall grade.
  • Late assignments are required to be submitted within two weeks. Assignments not turned in will be calculated as a zero and remain in the grade book as M (missing).
  • Assignments not turned in on the due date may have points deducted according to the grade-level department syllabus. 
  • The monitoring of student work is the responsibility of the student, parent, and teacher. Tools to monitor student progress include ParentVUE, StudentVUE, Blackboard, student agendas, regular grade reports, emails, and phone calls.
  • Parents and students are advised to review student progress and ensure any assignments receiving (M) are completed as soon as possible.

Sufficient turn-around time is needed to grade assignments, including assignments turned in after the original deadline.

Homework Policy

Homework is an important part of the learning process and takes different forms and purposes per content area. Homework done accurately and in a timely manner can increase the understanding of concepts, strengthen skills, and improve achievement. Kilmer Middle School has a consistent, school-wide policy that states homework shall count for no more than 10% of a student’s grade. Missing homework will be recorded as a zero. Homework is only assigned when it is critical for student understanding and allows students to practice skills that build throughout the year. Each night, homework for middle school students should not exceed a total of 90 minutes. An additional 30 minutes can be expected per high-school level course. Teachers make a conscious effort to limit homework over long weekends and holiday breaks.  

Extra Credit

Kilmer Middle School strives to clearly communicate to students and parents that mastery is based on what a student knows or is able to demonstrate. As a result, Kilmer Middle School does not award extra points/extra credit for any assignments or assessments not based on their knowledge and application of skills.

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Kilmer Honor Code

To nurture personal and academic honesty in all Kilmer Middle School students, we establish that Honorable Kilmer Middle School students:

  • Understand that to abide by the Code of Honor is to do what is right and, lead by example, to encourage others to act honorably.
  • Extend honesty and integrity beyond academics to include all activities of the school
  • Recognize their responsibility to report with truth to proper adults any breach of conduct committed or witnessed during any school activity on or off school premises   
  • Know how to avoid cheating and always do their own work

More details about the Kilmer /FCPS Honor Codes are provided in the student agenda and the Student Rights and Responsibilities Guide

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