Service Learning

Making connections between the classroom and the community

It is our goal at Kilmer Middle School that all students will become more engaged in learning about their school and community needs to become productive 21st-century citizens. This year we will promote a school-wide service initiative, in which all students and members of the school community are encouraged to give back to the community at large.

What Types of Service Learning Can Students Do?

Direct Service Learning

Activities directly affect and involve the recipients.

Indirect Service Learning

Students do not see the recipients, however, their actions benefit the community or environment as a whole. Preparation and evidence collection are also part of Indirect Service Learning.


Activities involve students finding, gathering, and reporting on information in the public interest. Preparation, evidence collection, and reflection activities are also part of Research.


Activities create awareness of or promote action on an issue of public interest.

Information included from The Complete Guide to Service Learning, Cathryn Berger Kaye


Recording Service Learning Hours Through x2VOL

All service learning hours must be logged on the x2VOL website to receive credit. Log yours now!

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