The Kilmer Music Department serves over 700 students through Band, Choir and Orchestra. The Kilmer Music Programs enjoy a rich tradition of excellence, providing students from the greater Vienna area with a first-class musical experience that is tailored to the talents and resources of the DC Metro area. The Kilmer Bands, Orchestra and Choirs consistently receive highest marks at festivals and contests, garner praise from adjudicators and concert-goers, and provide the entire Kilmer community with a program in which to take great pride.

Kilmer Music students not only become accomplished musicians but also learn essential life skills from the diligence, work ethic, camaraderie, self-pride, and teach mentality that are requisites and results of participation in a successful music program. Alumni include professional musicians in orchestras and military bands, college music professors, and successful individuals in virtually all career fields.

Attention Rising 7th Graders: Interested in participating in Kilmer Band, Choir, or Orchestra programs? Please see the information below!

Band Placement Information


All students who want to play an instrument are accepted into the band program at Kilmer Middle School. The placement video does not determine whether or not a student is in our bands, but helps the band directors ensure that the student is scheduled into an ensemble that is appropriate and challenging based on his/her musical proficiency.  Therefore, it is very important that all students who are signed up for band next year at Kilmer (other than beginning band students) submit video recordings to Ms. Bonneau and Ms. Thomas.

Students who do not submit the placement form and video recordings will be placed into Preparatory Band.

You may use your own music, method book, scale sheets, etc. provided by your band director or private teacher. We want to see and hear your best. Take your time and let us know if you need any help. We are here for you! 


Choir Placement Information

Contact: Kevin Sapp, Choir Director | 703.846.8966

All students wishing to join the Kilmer Middle School Chorus are encouraged to complete the placement process. Only students wishing placement in Intermediate or Advanced Choirs are required to complete the placement requirements. However, we do encourage all students to complete the process; this allows the choir director to ensure that students are placed in the appropriate ensemble. Students wishing to be placed in Beginning choirs do not need to do this, but a hearing is always advisable. Please submit your placement materials (audio only please) by May 13th.

Orchestra Placement Information

Contact: Robert Katz, Director | 703.846.8964

There are five different orchestra classes at Kilmer ranging from the beginning/remedial level to highly advanced. There is a place for everyone, regardless your experience! Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the award-winning orchestras at Kilmer Middle School.