Placement Information for the Kilmer Band

Band Placement Videos for 2024-2025 School Year For Incoming 7th Graders 

All students who want to play an instrument are accepted into the band program at Kilmer Middle School. The placement videos do not determine whether or not a student is in out bands, but helps the band directors ensure that the student is scheduled into an ensemble that is appropriate and challenging based on his/her/their musical proficiency. Therefore, is is very important that all students who are signed up for band next year at Kilmer (other than beginning band students) submit video recordings to Ms. Bonneau and Ms. Thomas.

Students who do not submit the form and placement video recordings will be scheduled into Preparatory Band.

You may use your own music, method book, scale sheets, etc. provided by your band director or private teacher. We want to see and hear your best. Take your time and let us know if you need any help. We are here for you.

Band Placement videos will occur using:

Two Videos- You will create your videos, then upload them to the Placement Form, which is linked at the end of this page. You will need to use your account to access the Placement Form, as well as any other links in the document. You are welcome to make as many video "takes" as you'd like, but only upload your best one for each of the two videos. Make sure that your entire body is visible in the videos so that we are able to see your posture and technique. Please listen to and watch your placement videos before you submit them. We can only evaluate what we can see and hear!

Are you ready to get started? Here we go!

1. Create your first video, which will include Major Scales and/or the Chromatic Scale (percussionists - please also video yourself plany any rudiments you know, like buzz roll, flam, etc. on this video.) If you do not know any scales (or rudiments), just skip making this video and go to the next one"

  • Major Scales- as many as you know and as many octaves as you can play
    • Say the name of the scale you are going to play
    • Say if you are using music or playing it from memory
    • Play the scale
    • Do this for as many scales as you are able to play
  • Chromatic Scale- as many octaves as you can play (if you don't know this, just say that on the video)
    • Say "chromatic scale"
    • Say if you are using music or playing it from memory
    • Play the chromatic scale
  • Perussionists Only
    • Say which rudiment you are going to play
    • Say if you are using music or playing it from memory
    • Play te rudiment
    • Do this for as many rudiments as you are able to play

2. Create your second video, which will include your prepared piece(s). (Percussion only- please include a prepared piece for BOTH bells and snare/pad)

  • Prepared Piece- something you already know, either from band music or band book, private lessons, or solo and ensemble music (this should NOT be from memory)
    • Say the name of the piece you are going to play
    • Play the piece
    • Percussionists- this should be BOTH your bells piece and your snare/pad piece
  • Additional/Optional Prepared Piece- One of these pieces may be used in addition to your other prepared piece or instead of it (in case you don't have any music to play.) Click on this link to get these additional/optional pieces.
    • Say which number (1, 2, 3) you are going to play
    • Play the piece
    • Percussionists- this should be your optional bells and snare/pad piece

3. Now that you have your videos ready to go, it's time to complete the Kilmer MS Band Placement for Incoming 7th Graders 2023-24 Google Form and Video Submission. ** You must sign into your student account. 

  • You will need your parent's help to complete this form. Click on this link and it will take you directly to the form.

All forms and placement videos must be submitted no later than Wednesday, April 24, 2024.


Musically Yours,

Sharon Bonneau
Director of Bands
[email protected]

Bethany Thomas
Assistant Director of Bands
[email protected]