Positivity Project

Kilmer Middle School will be partnering with The Positivity Project for character education school-wide. The Positivity Project (P2) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering students to build strong relationships and to understand, appreciate, and exemplify character strengths in us all. The movement is based on the tenets of Positive Psychology.

P2 has been successful at elementary and middle schools around the nation and we are excited to be a part of the movement. We will be infusing the P2 message through character education videos and vignettes during morning announcements and PAWS periods throughout the school year. The implementation will be guided by a core team of students, teachers and administrators. Additionally, among other events and means of communicating the lessons we learn and practice, we will seek to promote this movement through online media and visuals around the school. 

The 24 Character Traits

Every one of us possesses the 24 character traits, just in varying amounts. We may be strong in certain strengths and have room to grow in others. Read more about the 24 Character Traits our students will be learning about this school year!

image of the positivity project 24 character strengths web


Character Strength Topic Schedule




Creativity, Curiosity


Bravery, Gratitude, Teamwork/Citizenship


Self-Control, Forgiveness


Hope/Optimism, Integrity (Honesty), Open-Mindedness (Judgment), Perspective


Fairness, Love, Love of Learning, Social Intelligence


Connection/Purpose (Spirituality), Humility/Modesty, Perseverance, Zest/Enthusiasm


Humor, Leadership, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Prudence