Kilmer Students Recreate Famous Art

By Elizabeth McDowell
June 03, 2020

Mr. Raubbacher's students showed off their creativity and art history knowledge during Distance Learning. His Art Foundations, Art Extensions, and Computers in Art students identified famous works of art and used their own ingenuity to recreate those artworks at home, using materials they had on hand. The artworks chosen span throughout history and around the globe. They range in mediums from oil, to watercolor, to digital art. In addition to considering props, lighting, expression, background, and even makeup, students were also asked to research the history of their chosen piece. They included up to three interesting facts about their piece along with their submission. Some things they included were: 

  • Van Gogh considered Starry Night a failure
  • Glow of Hope is of Haldankar's 3rd daugher, Gita
  • Egon Schiele used the same model from Portrait of a Boy in several other portraits
  • Virgin of the Rocks is over six feet tall in real life
  • It's unknown if Man in the Red Turban is a self portrait, or of an unidentified man
  • The style for Portrait of a Girl is called Fauvism
  • The Sheaf is made from ceramic tiles in plaster

Well done to all the students who contributed!