Welcome, Principal McFarlane!

By Fabio Zuluaga, Assistant Superintendent, Region 2
October 21, 2022

Dear Kilmer Middle School Community:

The Region 2 Leadership Team is pleased to announce Mr. Steven McFarlane as the new principal at Kilmer Middle School, effective November 1, 2022.

Mr. McFarlane, currently the Assistant Principal at Holmes Middle School, is an experienced administrator with a track record of leadership working in diverse schools. Mr. McFarlane brings a holistic approach to the education of middle school students. He understands that students must see themselves in the curriculum and that a rigorous curriculum is fundamental to advancing the learning of all students. Mr. McFarlane is passionate about ensuring a school's climate is respectful, inclusive, and culturally responsive to students, families, and staff. He recognizes that sustaining family engagement through transparent communication is the key to building trusting relationships and ensuring that every family has equitable access to resources.

Mr. McFarlane has presented various presentations at the National Association of Secondary School Principals Conference, including "Addressing Persistent Problems using Systems Thinking" and "Using Instructional Walkthroughs to Transform Instruction." Mr. McFarlane is focused on ensuring inclusivity and equity by ensuring equal access and opportunities to a rich curriculum and strong instruction. He believes in listening to all stakeholders and that every person has a stake in the well-being and success of the school.

Mr. McFarlane has 14 years of experience in public and private school education.  He has served in several positions in various public and private schools.  He started his career as a Social Studies teacher at Bolsa Grande High School. Mr. McFarlane has seven years of experience of administration experience, having served as the Dean of Students and Assistant Principal at Glasgow Middle School and most recently as the Assistant Principal at Holmes Middle School.  Mr. McFarlane has worked in diverse school settings in California, Utah, and Virginia - ranging from racial to economic diversity. He realizes that each community has unique challenges, and as the principal, it is his responsibility to bring groups together to advance the academic success of all learners. Mr. McFarlane holds a Bachelor of Arts from Vanguard University of Southern California, teaching credentials from National University, and a Master in Art from George Washington University.

Mr. McFarlane is excited to join the Kilmer Middle School family. He will continue to work closely with the current Kilmer Middle School principal, Amy Miller, and our Kilmer Middle School assistant principals to continue the great work the current administration has put together for this school year. Please join me in welcoming Mr. Steve McFarlane as the new principal of Kilmer Middle School.

Fabio Zuluaga, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent, Region 2