Math Course Descriptions

7th Grade Mathematics Comparisons and Course Sequences

Algebra 1 Honors

Each of the following criteria needs to be met for placement in Algebra I Honors at 7th grade:

  • Advanced Mathematics 6 or a year-long accelerated mathematics course
  • Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) score at or above the 91st percentile
  • A score of pass advanced (500 or above) on the Mathematics 7 SOL test

Mathematics 7 Honors (open enrollment)

This course:

  • has a rigorous pre-algebra foundation with many extensions and enrichment opportunities;
  • is an acceleration of the mathematics curriculum;
  • requires students to master the content assessed on the Mathematics 8 Standards of Learning (SOL) test;
  • is taught with a heavy emphasis on problem-solving.

Students who have not completed Advanced Mathematics 6 may need support and/or require additional effort and study to be successful.

Grade 6 to Mathematics 7 Honors: Content missed includes

  • Integer operations
  • Understanding the concept of negative exponents using powers of ten
  • Multi-step proportional reasoning and percent problems
  • Solving two-step equations
  • Solving inequalities and graphing the solutions on the number line
  • Transformations of polygons on the coordinate plane
  • Problems solving involving volume and surface area of cylinders and prisms
  • Investigating theoretical and experimental probability
  • Using the Fundamental Counting Principle

Mathematics 7

This course provides the opportunity for students to examine:

  • Algebra and geometry preparatory concepts and skills
  • Strategies for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data
  • Number concepts and skills with a focus on using rational numbers and understanding proportional reasoning.

Key Takeaway - both Mathematics 7 and Mathematics 7 Honors prepare students for Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 Honors in Grade 8.

Which course is best for your child?  Consider the following:

  • Open enrollment/Informed decision
  • Recommendation of teachers/counselors
  • A discussion with child and teacher(s)
  • BOTH Mathematics 7 Honors and Mathematics 7 lead to Algebra in 8th grade
  • Based on your child’s schedule, what is best for him/her?
image of math course sequence flow chart